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Iam die hard fan prabhas anna

Bro I'm prabhas die hard fan I ordered tshirt please send my order tshirt 🥺

Where is my order kalki tshirt today's date june 16th it's delivery date. But still now I didn't received it


I am Super Satisfied with my KALKI Armoured T Shirt ❤️❤️😍😍 Thank U So much Veeleos😍😍👌👌

I have ordered Kalki T shirt on May 13 and paid the full amount Still I didnt recieve any update. when it will be dispatched and when can I get my Delivery.? Will it be delivered or not My Order Id is #10254. No One is Responding. I am totally dissatisfied by the management for not at all responding. Please get it delivered soon

Hi shannu rebel, did you received ur order kalki tshirt? Please reply



Welcome to the club! This is your space ,just for you.....
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